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China sentenced a Chinese Muslim to 5 Years in Prison Simply for “Listening” to Criticism of the Authorities!

Being a Muslim in China and to avoid being accused of participating in “illegal gatherings,” you should immediately stand up and leave if you hear the regime being criticized at a restaurant table!

Quddusjan Abduweli, a 24-year-old, was sentenced to five years and four months in prison for “disturbing public order by illegal gathering.”

According to the court, the process of an “illegal” gathering occurred as follows: the Chinese Uyghur Muslim Quddusjan Abduweli and a friend traveled from Bortala to Qumul in search of work; their friends from Qumul met them at a restaurant. During their meal, a conversation arose about a friend who had been convicted two years prior. Someone remarked that he was a good man who had fallen victim to political circumstances.

Quddusjan’s “crime” was listening to these “provocative” remarks instead of immediately leaving the “illegal” meeting, in which a prisoner was praised as a good man and the decisions of the state authorities were implicitly criticized.

This sad story is another example of how brutally and mercilessly China oppresses its Muslims, the Uighurs!


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