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China has sentenced five Muslim women from a Uyghur family among them a 78 years old woman to lengthy prison sentences because they talked about how to be traditionally good Muslims

In Xinjiang, a court has handed down lengthy prison sentences to five Muslim Uyghur women belonging to the same family for engaging in what was deemed “illegal” religious activities, as reported by the media. The five individuals, comprising an elderly mother, her three daughters, and her daughter-in-law, were sentenced to prison terms ranging from seven to twenty years by the Korla Municipal People’s Court, situated in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region’s second-largest city, Korla.

The eldest among the five Uyghur women, Halcham Pazil, is 78 years old, while the youngest, Bostan Ibrahim, is 33. Four of these women are homemakers, while one holds a civil servant position.

The verdict, which was issued on April 2, 2019, indicates that the charges against them were brought by the Korla Municipal Procuratorate.

The court found these women guilty of “disturbing public order and inciting ethnic hatred” due to their involvement in “hearing and providing a venue for illegal religious preaching,” according to a copy of the verdict cited by Radio Free Asia (RFA).

Halchigul Memet, mentioned in the verdict as having led the five women during the religious gatherings, confirmed that she was related to the imprisoned women, stating,:

“We were all relatives.” she emphasized and told that they were closely related and that she considered them as family, despite not being a direct relative by blood.

Memet, who now resides in Turkey, clarified that their gatherings focused on improving their well-being, their family’s well-being, and adhering to traditional Muslim practices, without engaging in political or anti-government discussions.


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